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10 Do’s & Don’t for Social Media Etiquette

10 Do’s & Don’t for Social Media Etiquette

We live in a day an age where social media has become the norm for everyone from school children to national leaders. Sometimes it can be hard to tell what is considered “good etiquette” for social media. Here is a list we compiled of do’s and don’ts to help you know where you stand in the game. 

“Remember that the username is a real person.” –Amy Leigh Mercree

Do’s & Don’t  

Do NOT Tag photos without permission. When posting a photo of yourself with a group of friends it’s a good rule of thumb to tag yourself and encourage others to take initiative. This also helps to create engagement on your post. 

DO share information or insights (not the same as opinions). While you may be posting images of yourself, you can still make the caption informative or offer insights that might tie back to the image. Follow the 4 to 1 rule is a good of thumb. For every single post about yourself, share a least four pieces of content about or by someone or something else. 

Do NOT be reactive. Social media beef only works if you are an entertainment blogger. In addition to possibly polarizing your audience, you may come across as someone who has no filters or self-control. 

Do NOT over-share. Occasional post of your pet, family, food, etc is fine. It becomes over-sharing when you post your favorite cereal every day, people in situations that may be uncomfortable for your followers. [ex. people in hospital beds, coffin, bloody or grotesque, etc.] 

Do NOT type in all caps. Unless you intend to be yelling at someone, which I would say refer back to don’t over-share. “We all have a responsibility for what we post online. If you wouldn’t want your mother or daughter, sister or friend to read it, don’t post it.” –Germany Kent  

DO geotag your post. By adding your location, it lets the business know that you were there and are sharing it with your followers. It is the new way of sharing by “word-of-mouth.” 

DO use hashtags. Hashtags are a way to populate all content on the platform also using the same hashtag. Additionally, it helps your account to be found. Try to limit your use of approximately 12 hashtags, if necessary. 

DO interact with others. If you follow my 9-5-9 Hashtag strategy, you know that the 5 and second 9 are all about your engagement with other accounts based on the hashtags relevant to you. Be conscious to post an actual comment as much as possible (more than an emoji) that is meaningful. 

DO keep posting! This may seem like an obvious thing but, do your best not to let your account go inactive aka “dark” for long periods of time. Post regularly on a schedule that is manageable for you.

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