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Quit Making Useless Resolutions

Quit Making Useless Resolutions

Happy New Year!

How many years have you made the same, typical resolutions? You know the ones…” I’m going to eat healthier; exercise more; spend time with family; go to church, or quit smoking.”

Then, 90 days later or sometime less, you fall off. As a result, you either say forget it or you try to keep restarting throughout the year.

Stop the madness!

If you didn’t do it before, then it’s highly unlikely you will do it this year either.

Unless… you change your mindset!

Your mindset is crucial to the success and chances of you reaching your goals.

You have to know it in your gut. Beyond the shadow of doubt and obstacles.

My suggestion to assist you in staying the course this year is to come up with a word or phrase that will be your focus mantra.

Whatever you choose needs to move you when times look great and when they’re bleak.

Some examples may be: courageous, wise, focused.

happy new year

Or phrases like these:

“When I have to choose between work and family, family always wins.”

“This year the choice is always a better me!”

The list can go on, but it must be yours to own and repeat effortlessly. Say it when you wake. Sing it in the shower each day. Repeat it often throughout your day.

For instance, I choose a word that I repeat to myself over and over again throughout my day.

My word this year is fearless. And my phrase is, “I will be fearless in the face of obstacles and adversity. I will be fearless in doing new things. I will be fearless and choose myself first all the time.”

What will you choose? Leave me a comment.

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